who we are

Our mission is to democratize wealth for all

Today, the adoption of cryptocurrency and all it’s potential to restore the democratic principles of empowering individuals is encumbered by a lack of education and basic usability.

When individuals take back the power back from centralized power structures, real wealth creation and opportunity in the economy magnifies. We empower individuals to democratizes wealth for all.

Introducing the MCE learning platform.

Usability | Digital Names

The need for an easy to use method to send and receive crypto, tokens and or smart contracts. Digital Names does just that. No more long complicated alphanumeric keys. It’s easy as $YourName.btc

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Identity | Glyph

The only way to bring your information back under your control is to keep it under your control. Glyph is the new way to own and prove Identity to anyone, anywhere.

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Education | Bistarter

Bitstarter is a gamified cryptocurrency education and concierge services platform. Where crypto newbies can come and get up to speed on buying, securely storing, and transacting in cryptocurrency.

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Payments | BlendFi

BlendFi is a new type of digital bank. With the Top 16 crypto currencies, Master Card debit card services, mobile payments, and multi currency digital wallet. Now you have a way to move from digital to cash. Experience a new way of digital banking.

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